Distracted by VD

A man-made catastrophe of biblical proportions. Inescapable. Viciously, latching upon your organs, ripping your sanity into indescribable shreds. Embarrassingly unavoidable, a painful scourge upon humanity. Rigorous with its blitz into society. Disinterested in your feeble protestations. You asked for it! You invited the repugnant disease over your threshold! You consciously

Distracted by a Brass Padlock

Well, there’s no doubt about the promised view from the Pont de l’Archeveche. Sculptural decoration oozing with French flamboyance, proudly depicting the most colossal extravagance of French Gothic architecture. Permeated with a medieval romanticism, echoing vibrations into the already amour saturated Paris atmosphere, subsequently desecrated by almost every visiting human

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