Forever Distracted!

Something Spectacular

Of course you are, We all are, every one of us. FOREVER DISTRACTED!

Distraction can take a number of forms, however, one way or another something distracted your attention whether you like it or not, understandably there are times the distraction is an absolute hindrance but there’s also times when it can lead to something SPECTACULAR.

Life is one humongous distraction, it cannot be helped, there’s too much happening but it’s not even about what’s happening around us, the kind of distraction I’m interested in is the distraction within your own imagination. Surely, that’s what imagination is all about, the very fact that it can deviate, remodel and completely change your course of thinking because your imagination is the greatest distraction there is. Your personal ability to reassemble the thought patterns, images and happenings in your mind is probably some of the greatest things you’ve ever learnt, created or imagined.

I want to explore that and one of the ways I will undertake such an exploration is to demonstrate some of the things my imagination has constructed, not only ludicrously bizarre situations but how it has completely changed the course of my life, multiple times, over many many years, in the very same way this idea of blogging was born. I was actually attempting a fairly serious commercial project (which, of course also got completed, albeit delayed thanks to my distractive demeanour), and woe & behold I’m suddenly blogging for the first time in my life. Purely, utterly borne of distraction. I’ll explain how and I know you will be familiar with such thought patterns.

It was a serious deadline, I was already late and the devils own disciple, social media, the greatest distracting plague blanketing and smothering the planet, reared it’s audacious head for the hundredth time in the same hour, this time in the form of Facebook Messenger, just a polite note from a polite person, politely informing me that some impolite jackass had spewed some impolite words about yours truly. I let it go, I let it go, I let it go but like a bastard bouncy ball it came bouncing back to me and ballsed up the seriously late commercial project that had a life or death timeline attached to it. Did I retaliate? Absolutely not, that would bring me down to the IJ (‘Impolite Jackass’), level, instead it leads to blogging. No, no, no, no not a futile attempt to retaliate against pointless Jackass’s, that would take the rest of my days (more about that in the future), but simply as a form of personal expression. From being disgruntled, to indescribable thoughts of fatally harming the said Jackass with words, knowing the pen is far mightier than the sword, to writing another book (cheap plug for the books I’ve already written, to ‘I really don’t have time for that’, further suspended by a lovely lady asking for a reference, (which I wrote true to my knowledge and experience of her), back to thoughts of writing more because I enjoy it (and its my only relaxation), to wasting an entire afternoon being distracted and finally leading to the idea of blogging, which had previously bored the pants off me but suddenly in the face of immense pressure of the commercial deadline, some curly jackass and his curled criticisms, to wording a lovely reference, the mass distraction of left-over Christmas cake, to searching for domain names, even being distracted from that and reverting to email replies, back to Facebook and finally realising life is one huge distarction and yet those distractions have led to massive commercial success, brilliant ideas, new concepts, fatalistic literary crime-scenes for Jackass’s and finding the domain, so here I am.

Distraction. Simply embrace the cheeky, intrusive blighter and watch out for more stories of how my distractions changed entire landscapes of life FOREVER, both commercially & personally but always with a severe injection of imaginative malarkey and absolute CHAOS!

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  1. Kerry B says:

    You are an exquisite writer
    True Awesomeness

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